Water & Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Production activities will inevitably results on waste. We believes that the ways to overcome waste problem are by increasing production efficiency, reutilize the waste as much as possible, and degrading the remaining waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We found potential use of different waste of many industries. For example, palm oil mill waste are source of good nutrition for the plant it’s self, reduce water by reuse the treated water, if utilized with the right technology and application manner, would make the efficiency program.

Our waste water treatment product has proven in many industry sector engage with professionals who expert in water and waste water treatment, and manufactured by well trained employee at our workshops. The combining wastewater technology will make the optimum way to produce the result of treatment output according the environment regulation.

  • Flocculation
  • DAF Tank Fabrication
  • Aeration system
  • Fish pond
  • Filtration