Industrial lubricants (Shell Lubricants)

Auto lubrication System

a centralized lubrication system, is a system that delivers controlled amounts of lubricant to multiple locations on a machine while the machine is operating. Even though these systems are usually fully automated, a system that requires a manual pump or button activation is still identified as a centralized lubrication system. The system can be classified into two different categories that can share a lot of the same components.

Reason for an automatic lubrication system

Automatic lubrication system is designed to apply lubricant in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. Time and human resource constraints and sometimes the physical location on machine often makes it impractical to manually lubricate the points. As a result, production cycles, machine availability, and manpower availability dictate the intervals at which machinery is lubricated which is not optimal for the point requiring lubrication. Auto lube systems are installed on machinery to address this problem.

Single line progressive

A single line progressive system uses lubricant flow to cycle individual metering valves and valve assemblies. The valves consist of dispensing pistons moving back and forth in a specific bore. Each piston depends on flow from the previous piston to shift and displace lubricant. If one piston doesn’t shift, none of the following pistons will shift. Valve output is not adjustable.

Single line parallel

The first single-line parallel system for industry was introduced in 1937 by Lincoln Engineering (now known as Lincoln Industrial) in the United States.

A single line parallel system can service a single machine, different zones on a single machine or even several separate machines and is ideal when the volume of lubricant varies for each point.

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Dual Line Parallel Automatic Lubrication System

A dual line parallel system is similar to the single line parallel system in that it uses hydraulic pressure to cycle adjustable valves to dispense measured shots of lubricant. It has 2 main supply lines which are alternatively used as pressure / vent lines. The advantage of a two-line system is that it can handle hundreds of lubrication points from a single pump station over several thousand feet using significantly smaller tubing or pipe.

Multi point direct lubricator

When the controller in the pump or external controller activates the drive motor, a set of cams turns and activates individual injectors or pump elements to dispense a fixed amount of lubricant to each individual lubrication point. Systems are easy to design, direct pump to lube point without added accessories and easy to troubleshoot.

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  • Automated lubrication system are designed to provide metered amount of lubrication for operating performance
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