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Customized hydraulic system

The Customized hydraulic system that made by us which is designed with experienced engineer in hydraulic application.
Our high pressure hydraulic installations experience at the power generation sector, the paper industry, metal and manufacturing and others, as well as in hydraulic workshop on the aviation industry.


The same principle applies for a hydraulic pump with a small swept volume that asks for a small torque, combined with a hydraulic motor with a large swept volume that gives a large torque. In such a way a transmission with a certain ratio can be built.

Most hydraulic drive systems make use of hydraulic cylinders. Here the same principle is used — a small torque can be transmitted into a large force.

By throttling the fluid between the generator part and the motor part, or by using hydraulic pumps and/or motors with adjustable swept volume, the ratio of the transmission can be changed easily. In case throttling is used, the efficiency of the transmission is limited. In case adjustable pumps and motors are used, the efficiency, however, is very large. In fact, up to around 1980, a hydraulic drive system had hardly any competition from other adjustable drive systems.

Nowadays, electric drive systems using electric servo-motors can be controlled in an excellent way and can easily compete with rotating hydraulic drive systems. Hydraulic cylinders are, in fact, without competition for linear forces. For these cylinders, hydraulic systems will remain of interest and if such a system is available, it is easy and logical to use this system for the rotating drives of the cooling systems, also.

An important advantage of a hydraulic drive is its high power density: the mass of a hydraulic drive is several times smaller than the mass of an electric drive of the same power.

Quality Hydraulic

Through vast experience and a continued dedication to innovation and customer care, we have developed a blue chip customer base. Our technical solutions to specific industrial problems have developed a unique market specialising in customising any product to meet individual needs.

Our success is also supported by selecting manufacturer of the hydraulic components and instrumentation with good quality and consideration of the economical quality

Scale as well, among others are :

  • Parker DENISON hydraulic
  • HAWE hydraulic
  • Atoz

And also supporting components such as :

  • Comatrol
  • Koman hoses
  • Mez Electric Motor

Product :

  • Manifold & Compact Hydraulic
  • HPU for Valve Actuator Drive
  • Accumulator Bank & Instrument control By Hydac