Filtration System Micfil

Micfil Technology Corporation

micfil products will save you Money, save you Oil, save you Fuel, extends the lifespan of your equipment and protects the environment.

Based & Specializing

Micfil Technology Corporation is Germany based company specializing in ultra fine filtration and fuel optimizing systems. The ultra fine filter element is 0.5 micron and can be use for cleaning oil and diesel from water and particles, as well as fuels, bio-diesel, and oils. By using Micfil products, fuel and oil will be a lot cleaner which in turn will save total production cost.

The ultra fine filtration systems can be installed online on vehicles, heavy duty equipment, hydraulic systems, and etc. range from 5 LPM to 40 LPM using canisters. It can also be customized as offline filtration systems (mobile filtration systems) depend on needs.

The solution for large industrial application when large quantities of fluids need to be filtered in a short time (transfer time is crucial), 200 LPM to 1.200 LPM, Micfil Filters has range of bulk fuel filtration systems using filter box (FB).

Hydraulic Oil

Maintenance of hydraulic oil is often neglected. Regular maintenance of oil is a crucial factor for faultless operation. The components in a modern hydraulic unit glide on an oil film of less than 10 μm.

This fine oil film guarantees the smooth operation of the system, however it requires clean oil.

Engine and Transmission Oil

Although the lubrication gaps in engines are between approximately 1.5 to 10 μm, the standard oil filter cannot filter out particles smaller than approximately 10 μm. International studies show, abrasion caused by particles in lubrication gap size (between 1.5 and 10 μm) is three times higher than that caused by particles larger than 10 μm. Therefore, standard filtration is not sufficient.

Micfil Technology Corporation Product :

  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Bulk Fuel transfer
  • Mobile Fuel Transfer